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A small step for you  .   A big step for society.





Learn about the world behind the scenes, rather different from what you hear and read and have learned in school. Learn about severe problems and about possible solutions. A new culture is about to come, a culture of controlled normality.



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Page1 ,  Learn to see the nearly invisible! Open your eyes!

Page 1 .  Clean government and clean energy are interdependant.  No doubt !

Page 2 ,  30 GW power for NL, 100 GW power for GB,  120 GW power for DE

Page 1 , positive thinking, positive speaking. It’s so easy! Is it so easy?

              Which country does take the first step?

Page 1 . Suppose, there is a 4%-group on the planet, including a big group of billionaires, all invisibly sick, all sick by inherited gene-defect, eagerly preparing a world dictatorship, intending to make you a slave. What would you do?

Do you have an idea of the possible identity of this group?  Can you name candidates? Start thinking! Can you base your first choice on solid facts?

Page 1 ,  short hints on big dangers. Most of them offsprings of the b-illness: a planned war, kidon killers, vaccination-infertility, …

Overpopulation and strategies to stop senseless multiplication at the low end of the abilities.

Page 1 . The silent 10-million-murder in the center of Europe. Never heard?  Check first and then: spread the information! The scientist James Bacque discovered it and presented the facts. Danger of repetition with the same dirty trick. But then with billons of victims!   The heralds of bad news, disturbing your peace of mind, are not well estimated. But suppose they are right …

Page 1 , Portal                                      Future for this wonderful world !

Page 2 , Questions                            Shall we survive? And survive in freedom?

Page 3 , Orga’s                                    20 Links to organisations

Page 4 , Books                                      link to: J.Bacque, link to: The Killer Nation

Page 5 , actual                                     4 Links: trust-, security-, money-, energy-crisis

Page 6 , Conclusion                        Find the right strategy and win 1000 Euro !     

Page 1 , societies of multi-millions of individuals

Page 2 , society and normality

Page 3 , society and secret networks, black networks

Page 4 , society and  open networks, white networks

Page 5 , actual, must know

Page 6 , Conclusion  (party)

Page 1, real solutions for the society of today and tomorrow: 3 spearheads: 

  1.. a reasonable limit for private fortunes. “No!” to the money weapen of billionaires.

  2.. security, money, food, housing for everybody promising not to misuse his possibilities:

         limit for number of children - population stabilty against the threat of pop-explosion. .

  3.  growth of quality, not of quantity.

Page 1 , millions of individuals out of billions in a network 1:1000

Page 2 , politicians, society and normality

Page 3 , loyal police-agents in the network

Page 4 , loyal judges in the network

Page 5 , loyal journalists in the network

Page 6 , loyal officeholders in the network           trust crisis, money crisis,

Page 1 , Portal                                                security crisis, energy crisis    

Page 2 , H.Brouwer, EZ              If half a word of our story would be wrong,  they would

Page 3 , M.vd.Hoeven, EZ        come with 10 advocates at a time. But no! Deep silence

Page 4 , J.Cramer,Vrom           over the tops! Thus this story must be true: a lot of top-

Page 5 , Zembla                       positions in the government is conquered by a criminal

Page 6 , Conclusion                group, playing a dubble game. When they attack, then from

                                                                  behind. Knowing that, Kiddd doesn’t sleep.

Page 1 , Why questions of the Why Party to M.v.d.Hoeven, minister EZ

Page 2 , to politicians, to ministers,

Page 3 , suspicious of fraud and cheat

Page 4 ,

Page 5 , Why suppression by multinationals and their molls?

Page 6 , Conclusion

Page 1 , healthy people with great skills against sick people with skills

Page 2 , erasing the invisible killer-machine of the sick group with an

              invisible gene-defect (JF Kennedy, USA, Rohwedder, DE, Pim

              Fortuyn and many others the victims) breaking open the great

              possibilities of fair play.

Page 1 ,  21 inventors let shine the sun on the dark activities of Multinationals, suppressing innovations, producing big damage for the society.

Page 1 ,  “Where is my vote?” (:Iran)  (Europe:) “Where is my right?” Against sophisticated forms of suppression: Suppression of patent rights, violation of the right to get an answer from the government on serious questions. Technique of soft provocation, intelligent provocation of inventors, against the walls of power, to get grip on the offenders, to get rid of the violators of common rights.  //  If you aren’t strong, you must be clever! Inventors make use of their innovative and creative powers for clever actions against suppressors.

Page 1 , Cooperation of rightfighters on the globe. It just started. Internet, websites, e-mails, cross - fertilization. A positive effect of globalisation emerges.

Page 1 , The black network, “the international background government”, with its forthes, the multinationals, has as one spearhead the suppression of clean energy technologies, which can end the oil period. Read over the motive of the sick committers on the website! The icebreaker-orga takes steps to realize clean energy on the planet, together with the rightfighters and Inno21.

Page 1 ,  a group of 21 inventors with big innovations develops a strategy against suppression

Page 1 ,  Greenpeaceaction is a tool of softprovocation, always in the limits of the laws, using the democratic rights in full extent until near to the borders. Gum wall strategy. Drawing attention to facts. Drawing attention to offenders. Drawing attention to crimes. Drawing attention to backgrounds.

Page 1 , Traces of the illness in the brain

Page 2 , normality politics

Page 3 , Orga’s

Page 4 , Books

Page 5 , actual

Page 6 , Conclusion

Page 2 , Big Mafia Brother . Which group is hiding behind the scenes?

Page 2 , Big Mafia Brother and WW3

Page 3 , Kidon Killers

Page 4 , Killer Nation, a nation within the USA and elsewhere

              in control of the US-warmachine

Page 5 , WW2 and cover-up books of James Bacque

Page 6 , conclusions

Page 1 ,  Spotting wolves in sheep’s skins. Controlling seriously. Cleaning the

               power system: Using wolf-criteria. Targeting persons. As soon as

normal people are sitting in top-positions, everything is running much better!

Page 1 ,  Portal

Page 1 , Portal, city

Page 2 , film: energybird flying

Page 3 , flight pattern.  See also

Page 4 , power dimensions today and tomorrow

Page 5 , suppressed technologies: 3 inventors with 100%-clean-energy-technology

              3 Links:  Nicola Tesla, Stanley Meyer (hydrogen fuel cell), G. Niessen (ebird)

                plus (new link) Fleischmann /Pons (nuclear reaction / cold fusion)

Page 6 , actual   History of suppression. History of the suppressing group, BMB.

Page 1 , new type vertically starting and landig airplane. No noise, no pollution

Page 2 ,

Page 3 ,

Page 1 , Portal

Page 2 , normality

Page 3 , orga “Help”

Page 4 , still free

Page 5 , technology

Page 6 , conclusions

Page 1 , Portal Health

Page 2 , movement, the importance of coordination

Page 3 , muscles,  the importance of muscle activity (f.i. sport)

Page 4 , the great importance of food, Dr. Pottenger’s discovery

Page 5 , actual, codex Alimentarius (a threat), fish, starvation

Page 6 , Conclusions Health

Page 1 , 4 methods to cure cancer within short time. The unthinkable is a fact:

              Suppression of this information by the power system. That is more than

              a proof, that something is severely wrong with the power system. (gratis economy)

Page 1 , gratis economy, offers

Page 2 , gratis economy, concept

Page 3 , gratis health advice

Page 4 , gratis plans for a cheap prefab patent-house

Page 5 , life partner, relation

Page 6 , conclusion

Page 1 , the great politics game

Page 2 , diagram

Page 3 , example

Page 1 , Are we alone in the cosmos?

Page 2 , A collection of videos

Page 3 , What human astronauts keep on  saying over E.T.-astronauts

Page 1 ,  The laws of fate

Page 1 , cosmos church, reincarnation church

Page 2 , foundation in science

Page 3 , strong growth

Page 4 , with extraterrestical members already bigger

              than Christian and Islam churches together

Page 1 , process philosophy

Page 2 , experience

Page 3 , world model in harmony with experience

Page 1 , millions of Europeans install the clean energy economy on the planet, using

             technologies suppressed until now, suppressed by the bigbadboys-group, suppressed

             by BMB. Paying 100 Euro: a small step for you, a big  step for society.

Page 1 , the Kiddds-Net develops a methode of controlled provocation to expell

              molls out of power positions, molls with bad conscience, hiding behind

             walls of silence. Turning up the provocation step by step … , alltimes

            safely within the limits of the laws. Gum wall strategy. Going, coming

          back immediately. Soft provocation, deeply intruding into sick structures.

Page 1 , open letters are a means of softprovocation

Page 1 ,  registration and control possibility [date sent  /  date answer]

Page 1 ,  in collaboration with the Why-Party, the Kiddd-Net develops the

              “muurkrant”, a cheap stripe of paper with a short story and 5 qualities, intended to fill the functional gap between the real world and Internet. Internet is a jungle of information on remote storage places, invisible without screen. The muurkrant pulls special websites with short representations into the visible world, using them for its special purpose to make people think and discover. To spread a first part of information (a fact, combined with a why-question) , the paper contains already a summary of the story. For it takes some time before people visit a website …


End Remarks


The world behind the scenes is rather different from what you have heard and read and learned in school. A description of severe problems is followed by suggestions for solutions, including network technology to organize citizens, including use of new detection technology by the network to unmask members of the black network BMB (Big Mafia Brother), also called BBB (Big Bad Boys - Group), also called BSB (Big Sick Boys –Group).


A new culture is about to come, a culture of controlled normality. The new age emerging at the begin of the third millennium depends upon multi-million persons worldwide, 1 of 1000, or more, taking the step. Are you one in the first million of persons to move?


It’s not a move of single persons, it’s a move of groups of persons, joined in a big network. See your responsibility for future life on the planet, bad or better, and join a group and join the network, controlling normality on the planet!

Abandon the idea that the governments of today will solve the task. They are deeply infiltrated by BMB. That is what we have to change, from the bottom to the top.


Sure, the world is not perfect and is not likely to become perfect. But improvements are possible. What the so called New World Order (NWO) of the ill-Uminati (BMB, BBB, BSB) is offering, is much worse than what we have today: a nightmare world of crazy persons, mad by inherited gene-defect, which never stops to ask for victims.

What we offer is a world of controlled normality, enclosed cured BBB-people, with the sick gene transformed into a normal gene behaving again normally.

Based on the proceedings of science DeepCheck and cure are possible.


A world of beauty, love, joy and laughter : a world of normality is our vision. What do you choose for?




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